Building Contract Progress Claim Inspections

The no-surprises way to stay on top of potential issues while your build is underway.

If you’re building a new home or an investment home you should have progress claim inspections to ensure there are no issues throughout the construction process. Many things can go wrong throughout the construction process and issues not picked up along the way can cause big problems several years after the build is complete. 

By using Inspect Your Home for an Independent Building Stage Inspection you can rest assure that you have engaged a fully qualified and licensed building inspector, giving you peace of mind that everything is of the highest quality and is built in accordance with the Australian Building Codes and Standards. 

Unfortunately some builders aren’t around to warrant your 7-year building warranty, so that’s why it is vital that you have an Independent Building Stage Inspection during construction. Inspect Your Home are here to give you professional advice during your build process and to give you support every step of the way. 

We recommend four independent quality inspections during new construction at; slab stage, frame stage, enclosed stage, pre-paint stage and at practical completion stage, which is the Pre-Handover Inspection or PCI.


A building inspection is an investment in your biggest investment.

Don't risk it. Get a licensed and qualified inspector to see it before you buy.