Building Maintenance Inspections

Stay ahead of issues with regular maintenance reports every three years.

Inspect Your Home will carry out a full comprehensive Building Maintenance Inspection and identify any major building problems and maintenance issues that they find. 

Maintenance inspections should be done every three years to identify and monitor potential problem areas. It’s imperative that building maintenance issues are identified and repaired early because in some cases building owners can save thousands of dollars as major repairs can be prevented altogether. 

Our reports will identify issues so that they can be rectified to prevent further deterioration of a building or property. The inspection consists of a visual assessment of all accessible areas on a property, to identify any major building problems including urgent maintenance. 

The report will prioritise any major building problems and maintenance issues found on a property.


A building inspection is an investment in your biggest investment.

Don't risk it. Get a licensed and qualified inspector to see it before you buy.