Dilapidation Reports

Road works, demolition of construction taking place nearby? This report could save you big money!

Inspect Your Home building inspectors will carry out a thorough visual inspection of all internal and external surfaces, and provide a full report prior to works commencing. It is advisable to have a dilapidation report done if there is a likelihood of construction or demolition work on adjoining properties that may affect your home. 

This comprehensive report that includes images and text can be kept as evidence, used for ongoing monitoring. Dilapidation reports are ideal for documenting building defects, movement cracks to buildings that are being lifted or renovated, and for monitoring buildings that may have road or major earth works carried out nearby. They contain images of all areas of concern so you have a detailed record as required.

 We’re carried out dilapidation reports for a number of large construction companies and developers, and have the skills and resources to ensure a highly professional, accurate result. 

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