Practical Completion Inspections

Have confidence in the final stage of your new build.

Practical Completion or otherwise known as the Handover Inspection is the final stage in the construction process. This report should be carried out prior to the final payment to the builder and will ensure the house has been built to industry standards. 

So many people get to handover of a new property but then have to rely on the builder for a final quality check. Investors and other people who buy new homes and units do a lot of research to find reputable builders, and rely on trusted names. That’s why it is important to have an independent inspection at handover by a reputable company. 

Inspect Your Home will identify any building defects, things not completed properly and areas that require final finishing. Our Inspectors will highlight in more detail minor defects and imperfections as well as general building defects, and poor workmanship. Inspect Your Home will prepare a fully comprehensive written report that itemises their examination of the exterior, interior and site works of the new home that you can hand to the builder to rectify. 

It is fundamental that all new homeowners have this type of inspection completed to guarantee all the work carried out has been completed to the standard required.


A building inspection is an investment in your biggest investment.

Don't risk it. Get a licensed and qualified inspector to see it before you buy.