Pre-purchase Inspections

Sometimes the agent, and even the vendor, have no idea what's hiding under the surface.

The largest financial commitment most people will undertake is buying a home. 

Our pre purchase building inspections in Queensland & New South Wales are there to ensure you know every detail about a home prior to making that final commitment. Just as you wouldn’t buy a car without taking it for a test drive test, you shouldn’t buy a house without a pre-purchase building inspection. 

While for homeowners and real estate agents it can also help uncover problems that may hinder the sale of a home. Whether you’re buying or selling a property, it makes perfect sense to enlist professional building inspectors to uncover any hidden problems instantly. 

Inspections can help you avoid extensive unforeseen repairs which can turn your dream home into a nightmare, and can even help you determine how much you are willing to pay for a home.


A building inspection is an investment in your biggest investment.

Don't risk it. Get a licensed and qualified inspector to see it before you buy.